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<Flames of the Phoenix> Recruiting All for Endgame, PVP, GSF


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<Flames of the Phoenix> is recruiting active players who are interested in GSF, End-Game Operations, Planetary Conquest, and/or Unranked/Ranked PvP. All roles and levels welcome. 10% XP Bonus.


"/who flames" in-game for more information or invite.


End Game Content: We are looking for more players interested in running HM & NiM Operations.


Galactic Starfighter: We are looking for anyone interested in forming groups to run GSF matches. Cym'baline is seeking to form regular premades and setting a GSF night.


Unranked & Ranked PVP: We have a solid group of experienced PVP'ers, and we regularly do warzones as a guild.


Planetary Conquest: We have a Guildship with 1 room unlocked. We are seeking people interested in obtaining their weekly conquest goals and killing battlemasters in order to further expand the ship.


Mumble, Guild Website, and Facebook Page: We use mumble for guild voice during guild led events. We have a guild website that we are using less due to our facebook page that is easier to access for players.


Overall, we are seeking active players who enjoy to play the game and seeking to be an active participant in guild led activities. If you are leveling, you will enjoy our 10% xp boost.


Throughout the week we run various Planetary Conquest events, guild PVP and GSF, and SM/Gearing Operations.

On Friday and Saturday, we run HM Operations. We are primarily from the Eastern Time Zone, but we have many players that are from the Midwest and all over the world.


Ultimately, we are a friendly guild that welcomes all mature players from any background.

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