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<YES> Looking for 1 NiM Tank


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Edit: Spot filled. :jawa_angel:


<YES> is currently looking for 1 NiM quality tank for our Wednesday group @ 8pm PST for NiM DP/DF. All current players are at least 8/10, but since it's a new group there will be some getting use to each other.



  • Full 180s + augments.
  • At least 4/5 NiM DF and 2/5 NiM DP.
  • Able to take criticism well.
  • Willing to change specs.
  • Read and/or watch videos of the boss fights for better understanding.
  • Mature (Most people in this group are currently in College, but we're friendly :jawa_angel:).



  • Be at least 8/10 NiM DP/DF
  • Some 186 gear.
  • Video or Screenshots of your clears.


Contact Te'fia or Stingraysam in game and fill out an application: http://yesswtor.enjin.com/recruitment



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