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Let's Talk Crafting! Revap Ideas Inside.


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With the upcoming expansion, added levels, and new gear coming soon I think some serious thought should be put into maybe having a crafting system revamp at some point soon.


Currently the crafting system is becoming very clunky, slow, and really not very useful except to a small number of professions. To fix this I have come up with several ideas that should streamline the process and allow all professions to gain from the system.


There are also several problems with resource imbalance as well. These should really be addressed and fixed in tandem with a new system.


There are also some other positive side effects as well that I think would help the system overall. Including making bolster work better and more evenly (especially at lower levels), lower load time on crafting , lowering item count, and adding more variety and specialization to the game.


In basic terms, I would say remove every crafted armor piece/implant/earpiece/relic/droid armor/weapon/offhand that comes with stats. This really would clear a HUGE backlog in a good deal of crafting professions. Essentially you take every unique crafted skin and make it a shell. Every earpiece/relic/implant would also become a customizable shell in the new system.


Each armor piece/weapon/offhand would have 8 customizable slots. Similar to what we have now, but you choose what goes where. The armoring slot would become 2 slots: 1 primary plus set bonus and 1 secondary, the mod slot would become 3 slots: 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 tertiary, and the enhancement slot would become 3 slots: 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 tertiary. You can still also add an optional augmentation slot.


Each earpiece and implant would have 4 slots total: 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 2 tertiary slots. Each relic would have 3 slots: 1 secondary,1 tertiary, and 1 proc slot.


Each slot would have an order of magnitude. i.e. Primary would yield more of a stat then secondary, and the 1st tertiary slot would yield a higher result then the 2nd one.


At this point, each stat would be broken down to each profession. I know that no profession will be completely happy with what they get, but I just threw together a set for example purposes.


Synthweaving: Strength and Surge. Armormech: Defense and Accuracy. Armstech: Aim and Shield. Cybertech: Cunning and Alacrity. Artifice: Willpower and Critical. Biochem: Absorption and Power. All crafters would get Endurance and Presence. Proc stats would need to be split up between each of the professions as well.


Esentially Aim, Cunning, Endurance, Strength, and Willpower could go into any Primary or Secondary slot, but cannot be doubled up (i.e. using 2 of the same one in both slots). All of the other stats could be put in a tertiary slot and could be identical in the case of earpieces and implants (i.e. you could use 2 power in one earpiece for example).


Each slot filler would also upgrade at 5 levels instead of every 2 levels and would start at level 5. This would remove a lot of the filler that is really not needed, and allow crafted items to be usable and useful at lower levels (more on lower levels later). This would also allow all slots to be filled at lower levels and allow bolster to completely work properly.


Next, biochem would get an overhaul to stims. Currently the tech is in game to recognize main stat as opposed to a specific stat. I propose condensing all of the stat stims per level into 1 stim. Essentially any Aim, Cunning, Strength, or Willpower stim would change to a Primary stat + secondary effect. This would essentially clear out 75% of the stim recipes alone!


Next all of the slot fillers would start at blue quality. No one really uses greens except to level, and if you really wanted to keep them in the game, you could just make them drops. The recipes would just need to be adjusted to make leveling up the crafting profession possible. This would remove massive amounts of recipes, especially at the higher levels where 1 item could yield 20 different recipes. All of the above changes would allow for the expansion of the crafting system for a great deal of time to come because it clears so much of the space of recipes that may not ever be used.


The next thing to touch on is harvesting materials. This is hugely imbalanced. I leveled up a pure gatherer from 1 to 55, and I will say that there are serious problems in the system. Currently scavenging has it the easiest. Each node comes with 2 different materials, and in a massive overabundance compared to the other 2 gatherers. At almost 4:1 ratio, scavenging materials were by far the easiest to come by. Bio mats were the next easiest, at almost 2:1 against archeology. However only one material comes from each node, so on some tiers there are 4 different nodes to harvest against 2 for scavenging and 7 for archeology. Which archeology has it the worst. Used by more professions then Bio mats, but less node distribution and the fact that at mid levels there are 7 node types per tier as opposed to 4 for bio and 2 for scavenging. It's insane. And the fact that archeology nodes are even more poorly distributed then the other 2 as far as tier by planet. Tier 1 archeology materials were still dropping on Nar Shaddaa while bio and scavenging were seeing some tier 3s. It's way off balance.


To counter this, I have a solution. We currently have 19 planets that we could in theory harvest on (16 per side). Probably soon to be at least 20 (with 17 per side). We have 22 scavenging materials, 26 Bio materials, and 40 Archeology materials (yes 40! is correct) at 7 harvestable tiers, probably soon to be 8 with 2 more metal and bio and 5 more archeology, bringing the totals to 24, 28 and 45 respectively.


Each tier is assigned to a specific planet(s) as follows: Starter planet(s) and Capitol Worlds would be Tier 1 materials and crafted supplies (essentially levels 5/10/15). Taris (pub), Balmorra (imp), and Nar Shaddaa would be tier 2 (essentially level 15/20). Tatooine and Alderaan would be tier 3 (esentially levels 25/30). Taris (imp), Balmorra (pub), Quesh, and Hoth would be tier 4 (essentially levels 35/40). Belsavis, and Voss would be tier 5 (essentially level 45). Corellia and Ilum would be tier 6 (essentially level 50). Makeb, CZ-198, and Oricon would be tier 7 (essentially level 55). The new planet would be tier 8 and essentially level 60 (assuming we are just getting 5 and not 10 levels).


This spreads out the resources evenly and with a clear understanding of what goes where, as well as keeping (for the most part) players from easily outgrowing the resources per planet based on crafting for their level.


For Archeology, which is way out of whack! Make the color crystal node one node (not 3). Call the resource gathered a “multi-colored [blah blah name] crystal”. Make the lower artifact and power crystal come from the same node, and make the higher power crystal and artifact come from the same node. This would reduce the node count from a whopping 7 to a reasonable 3.


For Bio, same deal as scavenging. Reduce the node count by making the lower sample/compound drop from one node, and the higher sample/compound drop from the same node. This reduces the node count from 4 to 2.

All in all, these changes would reduce the node counts to 11 for scavenging, 14 for Bio (down from 24), and 17 for Archeology (down from 40). This should also allow for better distribution of nodes per planetary surface.


One other change for Archeology. They don't have a tertiary place to get resources like Bio and Scavenging. To remedy this situation, I think that maybe artifacts and crystals could be searched from strong+ corpses. Now I know some people will say that there are more people then any other type of mob. However, Archeology spawns in the world are still going to be fighting with more node types per level then the other 2 and both of those have a tertiary way to get resources from mob kills. This just balances it out a little more.


The last thing to add is to make all crafting available from at least level 5 (I think level 1 would be better, but 5 sounds good). I know most people don't get companions till level 10. I think to counter this, maybe make the ship droid available for crafting from level 5. You could even make him a part of the introduction to crafting! Make the poor guy feel useful for a change. Even if it is 2 levels.


And on the short end that is my proposal.

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