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Looking for a Guild (IMP) .New to MMORP.


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Hi everyone,


As a change from my PVEing on Jedi Covenant, I thought I would aim for casual RP. More so to get my feet wet and to see if I truly like it. (Guild could be Imp or Pub).


What I am looking for is a RP guild with patience. I understand there are RP guilds with "requirements" however what I am specifically looking for is this:


1) No application Requirement - I apologize but I am a full time published author. I have done enough applications in my life with regards to my writing than I care to remember. For an MMO I am not willing to "apply" to a guild. Either you like how I write or you do not. No hard feelings either way.

2) Mature - I am not looking for "ERP". When I say Mature I mean fully played out storylines, story arches, etc. I am not a fan of ERP.

3) A Master in the guild (preferably a female who has never/rarely trained anyone (this is due to the storyarche I have thought up for my guy)) that Yeusef (Jedi Guardian) can be the pupil to. I will be willing to send very specific character details to said person.

4) This is the most important requirement: PATIENCE. Like I said I am an Author but I've never tried MMORP and I'm starting to get bored running on my own within the Jedi Covenant Server. I'd like to make friends and have fun but I will make mistakes (I am human afterall).


Now before anyone says anything I know I may be coming off brash or rude. That is not my intention I swear (lol).


I also want to thank you for taking the time in reading this!




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Hello AizaTalzin!


Check Out Pax Gaming


We have two established guilds playing SWTOR since beta and nonstop since launch


Check out our recruitment videos!


<Pax Dominus> - Republic


<Pax Imperius> - Empire


Multiple scheduled raids, PvE and PvP events per week and a mature friendly community of experienced MMO Players who are part of a gaming community.



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Looking for a guild?


Check out the guild contact list here to see what types of guilds fit your play-style, who to contact, and see their webpages. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FbWR3RbtUG2dwIj8JYiGGoNJRky0yvvQdiIMo5a3RDk/edit#gid=0


Happy Hunting!





- For additions or updates to the Ebon Hawk Guild List, add your information here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=752625

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