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(R) <Guardians of Legacy> Recruiting Mature Casual Players


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<Guardians of Legacy> is a small Republic guild that recently acquired its guild ship, and we are looking to recruit mature and casual players for Raids, Conquests, PVP, and social events.


Guild features include...

*Shiny new guild ship, unlocking command deck this month

*GB with 4 tabs

*TS3 Server w/ 25+ slots

*Guild website with forum, calendar, and gallery area

*+10% XP Bonus

*+5% Rep Bonus

*An IMP side sister guild supported


About us...

- Currently we have 1 active progression raid group, that is 4/5 HM DP and close to clearing Council.

- We like to casually run raids whenever we have the numbers to do so.

- PVP is in the roots of our guild, our longest time members all met via PvP.

- We do not tolerate drama of any kind. Casual and Mature are the mantra, if you don't get that, don't bother.

- We are a small, tight knight, and friendly community; several members have been together since launch, and we have a large knowledge base for new, learning, and returning players.


If this looks like the place for you, check us out and apply at...


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