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Deco's bought for crafted mats should re-sell for Mats for a short while


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Gear you buy for comms is re-sellable back to vendors for those same comms for a period after purchase. This is an idiot check for those who accidentally click/buy the wrong thing.


Decorations that are purchased for crafted whatevers (or relic peices, or cartel certs) should behave the same way.


The main reason is that deco's are consumed on use (from your inventory) and folks can very easily, buy them, then attempt to use them before closing the vendor window which just sells them back to the vendor for cash (which isn't worth nearly the cost of the mats).


I don't think this window needs to be very long....30 minutes? if the deco is traded or posted to the GTN, then this timer is cleared and the deco behaves normally (can be sold to vendors for cash immediately)

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