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Conquest Events - Weekly Planetary Heroics


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2 weeks in a row we're lacking daily planetary heroics, for conquest weekly events. Now while alot will immediately jump all over this and spout "theres enough", there isn't really.


We're being confined to alot of Group Finder content, which is all well and good, but queue times are far too long now.


While crafting/GSF/WZ are fine for all events thus far, adding in Daily Heroics to ALL conquest events, I personally think will help the more "casual" gamer feel like they are contributing more, so to speak.


From my own point of view, 1-2hours for HM's in GF, up to 30mins for tacticals (which last a while anyway), and trying to get enough materials etc just doesn't stack up enough. We need the option of planetary heroics in as well, if not just to bolster conquest points more, but as an added bonus those planet(s) are going to see a surge in players, helping out people levelling along the way.

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It's understandable that each conquest event has its own specific theme that they're trying to stick to. But it is surprising to see what makes it in for content with more of a focus on the "planetary conquest" concept itself.


There's also the issue of objectives that use the stupid and annoying "once per legacy" restriction instead of finding a way to implement it as a "once per character" restriction. They really need to fix that, because the "once per legacy" stuff is just really bad design.


Anyway, for the "planetary" part of conquests we have had the option to get points for heroics on 0-1 out of the 3-5 conquest targets in a conquest event. (One conquest had been expected to have heroics on two planets from early information, but they cut it down to just one by the time that event actually happened.) And the "planetary" part of it is also covered by some "once per legacy" stuff: some world bosses, the number of misc NPC kills, and the number of opposite faction base guard kills. These objectives also don't always cover every planet covered by the event week. And it's all just really silly.


It just seems like they need to take a step back and really re-evaluate from the ground up what belongs in this whole thing.


Start with the most basic of the basics. Conquest objectives to be infinitely repeatable, low value, and always present every week should include: 1) generic crafting objective giving points for every 5 war supplies / prefab kits made, 2) generic pvp participation objective giving points for every 3 warzone / starfighter matches completed (wins count double), 2) generic "non-critical" mission completion objective giving points for every 5 heroics completed on any planet, 4) generic "critical" mission completion objective giving points for every 3 flashpoints / ops completed (ops count double). Start with those four generic farmable objectives, weighted with appropriate conquest points values.


Add in the planet themed stuff. Each conquest planet would of course have its objective giving points for dailies/weeklies (not just heroics) on that planet. Weigh the values appropriately to give every planet about the same daily value as each other (before guild bonuses make a target planet worth more).


Also make repeatable objectives for kills on each planet with it being a high number of kills (1000) for a fairly low number of points (500), but make it so that targets at higher level (50/55) and higher difficulty (silver+gold as opposed to any other marking or no marking) count as more kills than targets at lower level (planet's level) and lower difficulty (easily farmable trash). (I'm thinking something like: 1 kill for a low level trash kill, 3 "kills" for a low level silver or gold kill,10 "kills" for a low level champion kill, and 25 "kills" for a high level kill. This makes it take about 40 kills of opposite faction base guards to reach 1000 "kills" and get the points for that objective. Or they can make a guard worth a bit more to try and get it around 25 guards to be more like the one objective. Either way, that one new objective takes the place of two of the current objectives. This should give them more room to include this objective on every planet covered by the conquest.)


If a conquest's theme covers crafting, add in the objectives that give points for every single item crafted (one giving points for every war supply and one giving points for every prefab, probably with war supplies weighted to be worth more points) and the objectives that break it down it every specific type of item (weighted to give more points for universal than the other prefabs and more points for invasion force than the other war supplies).


If a conquest's theme covers flashpoints, add in objectives related to each specific flashpoint. As a repeatable objective they could make a hit list naming off every boss in that flashpoint. (Kill them all on any difficulty to get the points. This takes the place of the previously exploited as repeatable and now worthless as once per legacy objectives for flashpoint completion. It forces a full run of the flashpoint to get the points each time so that people can't just join in at the end for easy points.) And then of course there are also the hard mode bonus boss objectives, which should also be repeatable. Either that or make separate hit lists for SM and HM, with the bonus boss named on both lists, and just weigh the HM one to be worth more than SM.


And so on. Add the specific operation related objectives when operations are the theme. Add the objectives based on warzone wins, medals, etc. to reward warzone performance when warzones are the theme. Add the objectives based on starfighter wins, medals, etc. to reward starfighter performance when starfighter is the theme.


edit: Naturally, the bounty themed conquest week which overlaps with bounty week must start rewarding conquest points for completing bounties. It's astounding how they somehow managed to not do that.

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