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Help Naming Droids


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Hi all


first post and I am hoping that I can get some help from the swtor commnity.


I am running a face to face starwarish game and I have a bunch of droids that I want to have distinguishing names.


I was talking to a friend whose brother is a teacher and he told me his brother has a new student whose name is la-a, pronounced lah dash aah.


So I was trying to come up with other names that pronounce punctuation marks.


Examples I have so far, not all good are


-1EY Dashley

#1EY Hashley

[tab]1TH4 Tabitha

[tab]14S Tabias

.T13 Dottie

TUR4N. Turandot


If anyone gets inspired throw me some names I will let you know which ones I use.


Thanks and regards, Omseekeen

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