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My take on Revan and 3.0


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I won't be long-winded on it, but I do love how the upcoming expansion has sparked some imagination here.


Anyway, here's my spaghetti-against-the-wall idea of what I think will happen.


I think the hunt is on for Revan, which will lead to yavin 4, rishi, and Bastila's home planet among other things. Revan will keep going on about finishing what he started.


When finally cornered, you find out Revan isn't Revan, but a proxy, given his voice to stand in his place.


Spend some time hunting down other proxies, and then finally confront the "real" Revan, only to find out its really Malgus, wanting to finish what he started with Ilum. Along the journey, a mysterious person follows the group. It evades interaction, revealing himself to be the real Revan and pissed Malgus has tarnished his name.


Shenanigans ensue and we wait another 1.75 years until expansion 4.0...

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