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Commandonese/Merconese Glossary


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Due to the merger of Class Forums for mirror ACs, these translation guides have been springing up like mushrooms. In the absence of a thread by the Commando or Mercenary class rep, I'm going to write one up for us, the best damn advanced class in the game.

If there's anything I missed, or if I mucked up any acronyms, please let me know!


EDIT: Updated 11/15/14 for 3.0 changes



Commandonese to Mercenese







Hammer Shots (HS) = Rapid Shots (RP)

Full Auto (FA) = Unload (UL)

Charged Bolts (CB) = Power Shot (PS)

High Impact Bolt (HIB) = Rail Shot (RS)

Plasma Grenade (PG) = Fusion Missile (FM)

Hail of Bolts (HoB) = Sweeping Blasters (SB)

Mortar Volley (MV) = Death From Above (DFA)

Explosive Round (ER) = Missile Blast (MB)

Sticky Grenade (SG) = Explosive Dart (ED)

Electro Net (EN) = Electro Net (EN)


Defense & Utilities

Reactive Shield = Energy Shield

Cryo Grenade = Electro Dart

Concussion Charge = Jet Boost

Tech Override = Power Surge

Reserve Powercell = Thermal Sensor Override

Stealth Scan = Stealth Scan

Hold The Line = Hydraulic Overrides

Diversion = Chaff Flare

Adrenaline Rush = Kolto Overload

Emergency Medical Probe = Onboard AED aka Battle Rez

Concussive Round = Concussion Missile

Disabling Shot = Disabling Shot

Recharge Cells = Vent Heat

Supercharged Cell (SC) = Supercharged Gas (SG)

Supercharged Celerity = Supercharged Celerity

Target Lock = Advanced Targeting


Cell Capacitor = Improved Vents

Energy Redoubt = Energy Redoubt

Charged Barrier = Power Barrier

Foreign Object Excisor (FOE) = Foreign Object Excisor (FOE)

Electro Shield = Pyro Shield



Combat Medic to Bodyguard



Medical Probe (MP) = Rapid Scan (RScan)

Advanced Medical Probe (AMP) = Healing Scan (HScan)

Field Aid (cleanse) = Cure (cleanse)

Bacta Infusion (BI) = Emergency Scan (ES)

Kolto Bomb (KB) = Kolto Missile (KM)

Trauma Probe (TP) = Kolto Shell (KS)

Successive Treatment (ST) = Progressive Scan (PScan)

Med Shot (MS) = Kolto Shot (KShot)


Procs & Buffs

Combat Support Cell (CSC) = Combat Support Cylinder (CSC)

Field Triage = Critical Efficiency

Emergency Response = Emergency Response

Preventative Medicine = Proactive Medicine



Gunnery to Arsenal



Grav Round (GR) = Tracer Missile

Demolition Round (DR) = Heatseeker Missiles (HSM)

Vortex Bolt (VB) = Priming Shot (PriS)

Boltstorm (BS) = Blazing Bolts (BB)


Procs & Buffs

Armor-piercing Cell (APC) = High Velocity Gas Cylinder (HVGC)

Curtain of Fire (CoF) = Barrage (BR)

Charged Barrel = Tracer Lock

Gravity Vortex = Heat Signature

Decoy = Decoy

Supercharged Celerity = Supercharged Velocity

Blowback = Blowback



Assault Specialist to Innovative Ordnance



Incendiary Round (IR) = Incendiary Missile (IM)

Assault Plastique (AP) = Thermal Detonator (TD)

Serrated Bolt (SB) = Serrated Shot (SS)

Mag Bolt (MB) = Mag Shot (MS)


Procs & Buffs

Plasma Cell (PC) = Combustible Gas Cylinder (CGC)

Ionic Accelerator (IA) = Innovative Particle Accelerator (IPA)

Degauss = Degauss

Supercharged Burn = Supercharged Burn

Hyper Assault Rounds (HAR) = Volatile Warhead (VW)

Blazing Celerity = Speed to Burn

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Mercenese to Commandonese







Rapid Shots (RP) = Hammer Shots (HS)

Unload (UL) = Full Auto (FA)

Power Shot (PS) = Charged Bolts (CB)

Rail Shot (RS) = High Impact Bolt (HIB)

Fusion Missile (FM) = Plasma Grenade (PG)

Sweeping Blasters (SB) = Hail of Bolts (HoB)

Death From Above (DFA) = Mortar Volley (MV)

Missile Blast (MB) = Explosive Round (ER)

Explosive Dart (ED) = Sticky Grenade (SG)

Electro Net (EN) = Electro Net (EN)


Defense & Utilities

Energy Shield = Reactive Shield

Electro Dart = Cryo Grenade

Jet Boost = Concussion Charge

Power Surge = Tech Override

Thermal Sensor Override = Reserve Powercell

Stealth Scan = Stealth Scan

Hydraulic Overrides = Hold The Line

Chaff Flare = Diversion

Kolto Overload = Adrenaline Rush

Onboard AED = Emergency Medical Probe aka Battle Rez

Concussion Missile = Concussive Round

Disabling Shot = Disabling Shot

Vent Heat = Recharge Cells

Supercharged Gas (SG) = Supercharged Cell (SC)

Supercharged Celerity = Supercharged Celerity

Advanced Targeting = Target Lock


Improved Vents = Cell Capacitor

Energy Redoubt = Energy Redoubt

Power Barrier = Charged Barrier

Foreign Object Excisor (FOE) = Foreign Object Excisor (FOE)

Pyro Shield = Electro Shield



Bodyguard to Combat Medic



Rapid Scan (RScan) = Medical Probe (MP)

Healing Scan (HScan) = Advanced Medical Probe (AMP)

Cure (cleanse) = Field Aid (cleanse)

Emergency Scan (ES) = Bacta Infusion (BI)

Kolto Missile (KM) = Kolto Bomb (KB)

Kolto Shell (KS) = Trauma Probe (TP)

Progressive Scan (PScan) = Successive Treatment (ST)

Kolto Shot (KShot) = Med Shot (MS)


Procs & Buffs

Combat Support Cylinder (CSC) = Combat Support Cell (CSC)

Critical Efficiency = Field Triage

Emergency Response = Emergency Response

Proactive Medicine = Preventative Medicine



Arsenal to Gunnery



Tracer Missile = Grav Round (GR)

Heatseeker Missiles (HSM) = Demolition Round (DR)

Priming Shot (PriS) = Vortex Bolt (VB)

Blazing Bolts (BB) = Boltstorm (BS)


Procs & Buffs

High Velocity Gas Cylinder (HVGC) = Armor-piercing Cell (APC)

Barrage (BR) = Curtain of Fire (CoF)

Tracer Lock = Charged Barrel

Heat Signature = Gravity Vortex

Decoy = Decoy

Supercharged Velocity = Supercharged Celerity

Blowback = Blowback



Innovative Ordnance to Assault Specialist



Incendiary Missile (IM) = Incendiary Round (IR)

Thermal Detonator (TD) = Assault Plastique (AP)

Serrated Shot (SS) = Serrated Bolt (SB)

Mag Shot (MS) = Mag Bolt (MB)


Procs & Buffs

Combustible Gas Cylinder (CGC) = Plasma Cell (PC)

Innovative Particle Accelerator (IPA) = Ionic Accelerator (IA)

Degauss = Degauss

Supercharged Burn = Supercharged Burn

Volatile Warhead (VW) = Hyper Assault Rounds (HAR)

Speed to Burn = Blazing Celerity

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I always preferred the terms "Republic Special Forces terminology" and "Mandalorian", especially since most of the abilities aren't class specific, but +1 would vote sticky but can't find a button so Im assuming its not here and you have to contact tait Edited by TACeMossie
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