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Sniper/Gunslinger ability names on opposite faction


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Some kind of list that may need some corrections


Rifle Shot = Flurry of Bolts

Corrosive Dart = Vital Shot

Overload Shot = Quick Shot

Explosive Probe = Sabotage Charge

Snipe = Charged Burst

Ambush = Aimed Shot

Series of Shots = Speed Shot

Takedown = Quickdraw


Shatter Shot = Flourish Shot


Fragmentation Grenade = Thermal Grenage

Orbital Strike = XS Freighter Flyby

Suppressive Fire = Sweeping Gunfire


Debilitate = Dirty Kick

Leg Shot = Leg Shot

Shiv = Blaster Whip


Laze Target = Smuggler's Luck

Target Acquired = Illegal Mods


Covered Escape = Hightail It

Adrenaline Probe = Cool Head

Flashbang = Flash Grenade

Escape = Escape

Distraction = Distraction

Countermeasures = Surrender

Slice Droid = Slice Droid

Entrench = Hunker Down

Cover Pulse = Pulse Detonator


Shield Probe = Defense Screen

Evasion = Dodge

Ballistic Shield = Scrambling Field


Coordination = Lucky Shots

Recuperate = Recuperate


Skill Tree specific abilities:


Diversion = Diversion

Followthrough = Trickshot

Sniper Volley = Burst Volley



Interrogation Probe = Shock Charge

EMP Discharge = Sabotage

Plasma Probe = Incendiary Grenade


Lethality/Dirty Fighting

Corrosive Grenade = Shrap Bomb

Cull = Wounding Shot

Weakening Blast = Hemorrhaging Blast

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