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Looking for a role-playing group


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Hi guys, I’m looking for a group of fun people to role-play with. I’d like for us to have characters with story lines that we could continue for a long time. I’ve already created a character, a trooper I’ve been playing with since a few days. If you want his background I already posted it in the Create a character thread, but I’m willing to send it to you if you’re interested :)


I’m also willing to create any other kind of character, even from level one and both factions if you have an idea of a group you’d like to start. Whether it is a group of conniving Sith Lords and their associates or a ragtag crew of Republic defenders, I’m willing to partake in just about anything :). I play mainly on the Ebon Hawk server and I’d prefer to stay there, but I’m also willing to change if it helps my fellow roleplayers :)


See you in the Star Wars universe :)

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Hey, I wanted to respond to this?


What server are you playing?


I have a group of RP friends, five of us, a small group. We actually accommodate Trooper RP quite often in our storylines. We're actually planning to do a pretty cool Trooper arc in the not so distant future.


We're a chill group, normal people, we like to RP, PVP, and PVE in game. We frequently chat and hang out in mumble and we're a very social fun group. So if you're looking for a social, fun, and enthusiastic RP group, we'd be more than happy to chat with you. We also PVP and PVE casually, we just like to have fun.


We're on The Ebon Hawk server. Click my name in my signature to go to my enjin profile and hit me up!

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