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More stuff I would like to see for Stronghold decorations


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Weapon and Armor fabricators: Its great that the Jedi and the Sith each have their own saber forges,but what about the other classes? It shouldnt be that difficult to put something out for either of these. It would be the same size after all. Wasnt there a weapons facility we had to infiltrate fairly early on? There has to be something in there that would work.


Other types of barrels: Kolto and the tech barrels are nice,but what about the various other barrels you have in the game? Much like the Imp and Pub crates there has to be some other barrels. Even the Tech barrels with different colored lights (so they look like they hold something different) might work.


Other stuff for small wall hooks: Right now most of what we can put on these small wall hooks (which there are a ton of) is trophies or a few types of lights (2 yellow,1 gree orange and 1 gree blue is all I have found) or holosigns that stick out so one can bang ones head. Can we get some more flat surface stuff?


Doors to mount on the large wall hooks: Can we please get something that looks like a single door please? I'd like to have something so when someone asks "So where is the bathroom?" I can point to said door even though it doesnt open.


Food and Drink dispensers that mount on the wall: It would be nice to have these so it looks like there is some way to get food. We dont have to have a kitchen (though I have also made that suggestion) but having these would be nice to add to the wall hooks in bedrooms,game rooms etc.


Being able to move hooks: Being able to move a hook would be epic. It would allow people to tailor their houses even more. I do not know if this can be done,but even if its moving it like we can move items set in the hook would be great.

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