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What can you do ALONE with 35k+hp and 1700+ primary dmg?


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Cant say


Your stats are meaningless if you dont understand the game and how to utilize your class


Seen plenty of sents and snipers do huge damage but they dont have a lick of sense so die die die at everything they attempt.


As for solo money

Oricon, Black Hole, Sections X (except for Longshots/AC), Ilum, CZ, Belsavis, Voss heroics


All of them are great money and easily doable solo

If you understand your class and companion and work togather


Sorry but 35k hps and 1700 dps is meaningless in the context you put them out as.

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I want to know if there are some well rewarding opportunities for me to earn some fast credits which I wouldn't be able to do without oriconian/augumented gear and atleast elite'd companion.


Check Dulfys guide for all the dailys in the game, that is the best option I think you can get for good credits. Do them all and you end up with a nice sum everyday.


You could do flashpoints, if you get your hands on a statue from Korriban or Tython for example it is worth your efforts. I am not sure if it is worth the time soloing those or if it is possible, not tried myself since I like teams :tran_cool:


Decoration from the red reaper (easy soloable) can bring in some credits if you are lucky with the drops.

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