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Guild Stronghold Public Listings & Cross-Faction Access


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When browsing the Public Listings, it defaults to "Owner: Personal". Please add a selection to the "Owner" dropdown of "Show All", and default to "Show All".


Also, please add a module that will check for the presence of a cross-faction Guild Member so we can visit Guild Strongholds for other factions! This can be set up to only be accessed by the Stronghold system of course, so it won't interfere with the current game design of players not being able to access other-faction player data.


Finally, please consider a way to allow Guild Stronghold listings and visitation to persist regardless of whether a guild member is online. This could fix the problem of cross-faction access, without having to program the module to check cross-faction status.


I know I'm not the first person to think of these, but I wanted to put them together into a concise Suggestion Box request in support of these ideas!


Thanks very much to the Devs and Customer Support teams with regards to the Stronghold system. This is a very involved system and it came off relatively without a hitch, so I'm super impressed!

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