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/sleep emote restricted for preferred players


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Since Bioware was too lazy to implement a proper click-sleep and click-sit property for beds/chairs in strongholds, the /sleep emote is an integral part of the stronghold experience. Alas, the /sleep emote seems to be restricted to subscribers only. When you use it on a preferred or free account, you get a message to unlock it in the Cartel market, which is not possible.

Please change the animated /sleep emote to be available for all players, no matter if free or subscribed.


On a side note, it may be a good idea to either unlock all the subscriber emotes for at least preferred players by default or at the very least finally add an unlock to the cartel market that unlocks all Subscriber emotes for preferred and free players (both character and account options like with other unlocks) like you originally promised when the Cartel market first launched (the game even tells you you can unlock them via cartel market! - I bet you forgot that promise by now, just like you conveniently "forgot" most promises you made to social roleplayers like chat bubbles or adding the click to sit property to any new chairs you introduce to the game)!

Restricting emotes on free accounts is fine, but only if people can purchase an unlock for them at a reasonable price. But if that isn't possible, it only alienates any socializers and social roleplayers that try out the game.

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I gotta be honest


Read your complaint (not a bug so why its here beyond understanding) and it sounds to me like you are getting exactly what you PAID FOR.


Sounds like all your issues are solved by you paying a subscription for the game you obviously are playing often.



You get what you pay for is how all things in world work

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How the hell is this a bug? You're just complaining because you can't get everything for free. Pay some money towards the game and subscribe if you want an opinion.


Actually he is asking for an option to pay for something that is not available though the game says it is. Learn to read.


Also he is obviously a subscriber Sherlock.

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