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Introduce a voting system for strongholds and let the best voted remain open


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We all know that the prestige system does not always equal a good stronghold.


Let the players decide what stronghold is high rated by letting us vote. The top 10 or 15 public strongholds of each server will remain open for all to see even if the owner is logged out.


This can be done by either place a "thumbs up" or even a rating system. Let it be a account vote once each week, you can reset it by tuesdays like any other reset you have on that day. All different stronholds will be competing with eachother, some week perhaps Nar Shaddaa will be top three and some other week Tatooine. The republic side has the option to vote on Coruscant and the imperial on Dromund Kaas.


This will make it worth to spend those hours decorating and obtaining nice decorations.


You can even make it a "weekly vote quest", giving something to make sure players visit strongholds and cast their votes.


Lets make public strongholds something nice and fun in this game, not stiff and silent like they are now.

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