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Shadow Council Recruiting for Operations, Conquest


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We are a raiding guild core that is expanding for Operations and Conquests. We are looking to expand our casual core of players, as well as recruiting NiM capable tanks, heals, and dps.




You are NOT guaranteed a spot on our NiM ops groups, however we are willing to run people through HMs, and SMs are formed casually.


Team A is currently farming the first 4 bosses of NiM DF, and are looking for backups so we can progress on both of our nights when people are out. Team A currently runs on Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 EST - 11:30 EST.


Team B is currently forming, so it's times are still dependent on the members. It's currently made up of Team A's alts and backups, but we would love to see it stand up on it's own. Tentative times are Thursdays and Mondays 8:30 EST - 11:30 EST.




We have gotten on the top 10 a couple times, and would like to continue to do so with a more casual core. With more people to commit to doing conquest, we hope to go even higher on the leaderboards. Our guild is generally very active with the conquest events, and willing to form up randomly to do operations, flashpoints, or warzones in order to get conquest points.




Please PM, sign up on our websiite, contact any of my toons listed below or the following:


K'een OR Wrathskellor





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