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Game design hurting Cartel Market sales?


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Not to forget a working search function.


It works.


There are PLENTY of search engines on forums, webpages, in games and on the web that don't allow searches for less than 3 letters.

Sure, some of them just ignore the words with less than 3 letters, but to claim that this one doesn't work is to use hyperbole.

But that wouldn't be a new thing for you, now would it? :rolleyes:

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Why do you need to search for two letter strings? I'm able to find whatever I search for with that limitation. So can you.

Fair question.


When you parse item names in the search field (Shift + LMB) it parses the whole name.


Which isn't much of an issue in English as you seldom have 2 letters strings like "of".

Now in French, (dunno for German), you most names have "de" "du" "de la" in them, even too often more than one occurrence of 2 letters strings.


One example I mentioned above in the OP: Pack Forteresse de gardien de la porte


So mostly for every search you do in the GTN in French, you have to edit the parsed string, and look out for the 2 letters string that are usually hidden farther than what the input boxes displays.


As such it makes searching for multiple items a bit tedious.


That's why it'd be really appreciated would the system automatically ignore such 2 letter strings.


A mitigation would be to, first enlarge the search input box so it'd display the full length of any name parsed it it for editing. Then it would be faster for editing if the system would Ctrl + Left/Right arrow move to the next word.

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