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LF Imp Raiding Guild (HM): Operative Healer


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Hi. I'm Evra on the server, and I'm on the NIM progression team for the Defender Program. I main tank on the pub side, but I've been looking to raid with my operative healer for some time now and my guild doesn't have an active presence imp side. Love my guild, but I would like to do some raiding for imp side as well.


So, I'm looking for a place to put that toon on the imp side. I'm looking for SM/HM ops where I can have some fun raiding with people. There's a lot of guilds out there, obviously, but I'm looking for one that won't be freaking out when I'm not on every day, or when RL happens. I won't freak out about gearing, I can get 180 sets easy, nor will I cause drama about wiping.


As a side note, I am on PST, and I have my prog raids MTW, so I tend to be on a bit late for EST people.


Feel free to pm me in game on Evrá on pubs or Evra on Imp side or here.

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