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[Empire] Looking for 4 Dps DF/DP NIM


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We are looking for the following dsp to join us in Dread Fortress and Dread Palace NIM. 1 Sniper - 1 Marauder - 1 Powertech - 1 Merc


Before summer kick inn, we had a play pool of 9 active players. We lost one over the summer and now 2 more have to leave us, due to personal circumstances. We feel a play pool of 10 is a healthy number for a 8 man group. Before summer we did 4/5 DF.


We started this group as an extension of our 16man, raiding only Sundays. After the summer we decided to split into 2 8man groups due to different opinions on number of raid days and ambition.


Our raid schedule is: Tuesdays - Thursdays - Sundays from 20.00 to 23.00 and some times we add a Monday into the equation. We raid 3-4 times during new content until everything is down. After that we will drop down to as many days as it takes to clear all the new content. Once we have all the gear we need. We stop raiding until PTS is up. When PTS is up, we want to raid 1-2 times a week. As soon as the new content is LIVE, we go back to 3-4.


Our goal is to get all titles, mounts and do all the time runs.


If you feel your the right player for this group, give me a PM or write a reply in this post.


I posted a Norwegian post some days ago, but we have decided to expand to English speeking Raiders.


If Intressted, give me a PM

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