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Lamest. Teaser. Ever


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Honestyly, just awful.


You have to remember that teasers such as this are as much to draw in the attention of those gamers that have left SWTOR and draw them back to the game.


If you've played through the Rakata Prime tactical Flashpoint, it really didn't provide any teasers at all. But then, you're here already playing the game ;)


It's just the first step to rolling out more information about 3.0. Have a little patience, I'm sure you'll start to get more details :)

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Last I checked, teasers are supposed to tease you, NOT actually inform you. For the latter, you'll have the full reveal by the end of the month.


Knowing BW, including this last "Teaser" that was to be out within the week...last week...we wont get the reveal for 3.0 until next month.


The sad truth about these sorts of things is the less they tell you and the longer they wait the more let down it will be. If it was the next big thing, they would have revealed 3.0 to us now, them holding it back is most likely because they know it wont be much and don't want people quitting. You can tell yourself that they are trying to draw out the plan and with bits and pieces all you want, that wont change the facts...


...If they don't have the 3.0 reveal ready to go by now and they are still working on it for more then just polish with 3 months to go, then the update will either be:


small - 1 planet, level cap increase(5), new HM FP's, 1-2 ops, few new smaller things

or the less likely

major expansion - 2-3 planets, level cap increase(10-15), 3+ ops, 3+ new FP (HM are not new FP's), some major new feature, plus several new smaller things.


The small option is the most likely one given how long it takes BW to create content.

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They already confirmed a full reveal(!!!) is bound to come by the end of the month.


Why imply otherwise?

They said this "teaser" would be last week and it came the week after...I fully expect the same for the reveal this month, but will be 1-2 weeks later.

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What was the Cylon's plan again? :eek:


I think they forgot themselves around the last season. :p



It was to wipe out the Colonies (which failed with Galactica and several other ships escaped), show the Final Five how wrong they were in liking humans, so that they would agree with Cavil's insanity, or something like that


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