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Galactic Stronghold Interior Decorator's.


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I think it would be quite cool if they made it so we could ideally employ other people to decorate our stronghold's for us.


I believe this would require the ability to send out golden keys to other people but that should happen anyway.

Also a method of letting the gold key owners to be able to use any decorations that the owner of the stronghold already has unlocked so they could use their operation boss kill wall posters, mounts, npc's etc.


I just think for those filthy rich of us who can't be bothered decorating our own strongholds to pay someone else to do it for us for the price of mats and whatever fee they wanted to tack on top of it. Yes this would have all sorts of risks of getting ripped off etc. but it's buyer beware of course.


Once the ability is put in place ( gold keys, owner decorations ) then the how much/little the buyer wanted involved in design and whether they buy their own decorations or pay a flat fee etc. would be all up for negotiation.


It could make a quite cool little niche market of people who enjoy this sort of thing ( decorating ) to make a bit of money doing other people's stronghold's up for them.


Another option on top of this or in addition to would be stronghold selling. Thus letting people design and create strongholds then offer them up via GTN or chat for whatever price and people can then buy it fully decorated as is. Idea would be if they already owned a Dromund Kaas stronghold and wanted to buy a new one buying the new one would effectively "overwrite" the old one so again, buyer beware.

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