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Conquest Rewards Lackluster at Best


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Anyone else feeling already burned out on Conquest and that they offer little to no real reward?


The title is cool, for 5 minutes. The items are. Meh.

The mount SUCKS because it is so expensive to get and can only be used on the planet you capture? Lame.

The planet saying your guild name is cool. So, there is that.


There needs to be some REAL motivational aspect to conquesting. REAL rewards.


Like every guild leader should get 5 Purple Frameworks for winning a planet.

Every player who reaches personal goal should get 100k if their guild places in the top 10.

Winning Planet guilds should get 500k for every player who reaches conquest goal.

Special Planet Decorations should drop for winning guilds. Better one for the guild that wins the planet.

Make the mounts ride-able anywhere. And not cost as much.

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I won't try to get into details this time on what exactly the rewards should be in each case, but I have posted some thoughts somewhere else on here about how they could have had more conquest goal lines to spread the rewards around and to keep pushing us. I also had some thoughts about expanding the entire conquest concept a bit.


First, I think we need a terminal in the class ships which allows us to pick a location for our own legacy to focus on for conquests. The location will be any specific zone on any of the planets up for conquest that week. Each zone will have its own separate top 25 list for legacies. (Note: Use a specific character's name to represent the legacy instead of only using the legacy name, since the legacy name is not enforced as being unique to each player.) Players can receive prizes for placing in a top 25 list, and maybe something extra for being in the top 10 of a top 25 list as well.


Second, I think there should be multiple personal conquest goal lines. Maybe it could be just three specific numbers like 10k, 25k, and 50k with specific prizes set for each line. Or maybe they could set up a system that awards a specific small prize repeatedly at every 25k earned, a specific medium prize repeatedly at every 50k earned, and a specific large prize repeatedly at every 100k earned.


Third, I think there should be guild conquest goal lines as well. So the guild would be eligible for certain prizes regardless of placement in a top 10 list if they can at least hit certain target amounts like 500k, 1mil, 2.5mil, or whatever. Of course the guilds on a top 10 list or at #1 on a list would get better rewards, but the small rewards would be something specific that any guild could shoot for.


edit: Continuing along these same lines, I suppose some goal lines for legacy conquests could be suggested too. Reward something every 100k or so that the legacy earns, perhaps?


Anyway, some ideas like these would provide players without guilds some conquest goals to aim for as well as providing some goals attainable by small/medium sized guilds.


I should also clarify that I am assuming that your legacy conquest can be in a zone on a different planet from your guild and you will get bonuses from both planets, but the bonuses will not stack where they overlap. You will only get the higher of the two bonuses in that case.

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