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[E] Psy-Ops (Group Whiskey) Seeking Tank and Healer for NiM


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Hello boys and girls. If you like 186 gear, humorous jokes, and fun...stop reading now.


Just kidding! Psy-Ops' group Whiskey needs to fill out its ranks just a tad. We're currently seeking an experienced tank of the juggernaut or powertech variety, and a mercenary healer that knows what it do with dat Kolto doe.


Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday, starting at 1900 Pacific (that's 7:00 PM for all you civvies).


If you're interested in applying, please check out our website and fill out the application. Putting a note in the final box of the app saying you're looking to run with Whiskey will get your request expedited. Also feel free to contact our Ops leader, Roothless, if you see him online in the game.


Happy killing, for the Empire!

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I have 3 healers and my hubby has 3 tanks.. ( 6 each on both factions) we are currently on the East coast server Shadowlands but want to move to a west coast server as we live here in Vancouver BC on the west coast and it is hard to raid on the east coast. Are you still recruiting ? we would like to join your guild.

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