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Idea for Droid class/Advanced classes.


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Droid Class/Race

The base class/race would be a droid. This would be a pet type class with deployable stationary turrets in base class mode. Base class abilities would upgrade your type of turrets, damage, etc.


Advanced Class 1: War Droid

The 3 trees of this class would be: in order to keep down skill mudflation of an advanced class with 3 different roles as well as base abilities. Abilities would funtion differently depending on what stance the droid is in. What may be an attack in one stance may be a heal in another stance. This would be an Aim Based class.


· Patrol: This is a tanking tree for War Droids that is based around their patrol stance, while in their patrol stances abilities will function differently that they would in Repair or Deployment stances. The War Droid in Patrol Stance uses its turrets to help damage, defense and manage agro in conflicts. Examples are : Decoy Turrets that draw attention of the target that can take the next large attack or mitigate smaller portions of the damage til the turret is destroyed, threat transfer turrets that activiley displace threat of those in effected area and transfer it to the War Droid. The War Droid would be able to have 1 turret down at each time. Turrets would last from 10-15secs, permanent or proximity depending on the turret used.


· Repair: This is the healing tree. Ground target turrets for heals or proximity heals, shields and so on. This would be stance locked as well to limit the ability of the war droid to function in multiple roles at once.

· Deployment: Shared DPS tree. This is the shared tree that would be based around their deployment stance and the deployment of turrets (stationary pets).


This advanced class would be unique to Star Wars for the first time allowing a class to have access to all 3 roles. There are some limitations however due to how powerful this has the potential to be. Each tree would be stanced locked. Each stance would directly affect how abilities function, for instance: While in tank stance you may have access to an ability that increases your mitigation, this ability in healing stance may actually do something entirely different. (this would function similar to how Treek's stances work or Shadow Stances with Force Breach).


Advanced Class 2: Assination Droid

This advanced class is strictly a DPS class. All 3 trees are designed to provide varied roles of dps either as a melee, mid range or long ranged attacker. This class as well would be stance locked due to the way the trees are intended to work. While the Assination droid can drop turrets like the War Droid due to them being a base class ability, the turrets are limited as the Assination Droid spec lines primarly function independantly of the turrets, except for the Deployment tree which is shared. The Assination droid would be allowed a choice of weapons unlike previous advanced classes. Thier attacks would be dependant on the stance the have chosen and the weapon equiped, either a blaser rifle or tech blade. (FOR instance: Base attack would be a melee attack if you equiped a tech blade 4m range however, the same attack would be up to 20-30m if you wanted to use a rifle.)

· Assination Protocols: This is a melee based tree that centers around the Tech blade and vibroknife. Base and class attacks would be stance locked that would have their range limited when a tech blade is equiped. The class would use short duration stealth and combo/counter points to build to finishing type moves. The stealth would be only useable while in the stance for this class as to prevent its use in the other 2 trees for balancing concerns. A few tech attacks would be allowed at a range up to 20 m, but this would primarly be a melee based tree.

· Security Protocols: This tree is based around the use of the blaser or sniper rifle( this would be up for discussion either way). This tree as with all other droid trees is stance locked to promote easy balancing and lessen skill bloatage. This tree is a mid to long range tree that focus on AOE type attacks and supressive fire. Perhaps have a rolling turret or mine layer they could deploy.


· Deployment: Shared DPS tree. This is the shared tree that would be based around their deployment stance and the deployment of turrets (stationary pets) and use of a rifle.



This is just a rough overview of a vision of a class I would like to see in Star Wars. While these are just brainstorms they are no way meant to tell a developer how to do their job and I realize that some of the suggestions contained within would be hard to balance properly. I am open to suggestions and feed back but would really like to see the devs take something like this and run with it.

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