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Selkath as playable character's


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I know playable species has been kept low and I understand this for many reaons, I propose however that the selkath are an excellent race for a playable character.


The Pros


- As the original source and still massive contributor of the galaxies kolto, they would be ideal for healing characters. A Sawbones for example has so many kolto references that the immersion would be immense.

- Potential for more story line: I found the Cathar addition to be a little dry, i mean it was fun making new characters and having a new species, we all enjoyed creating thundercats, but there wasnt any lore added really. As a smuggler on Ord mantell, someone speaks to you about the Cathar and I think insults them and as an observer you are thinking... hmmm shouldnt I claw his face to bits now? With a new playable race so close to the creation of Manaan, Selkath would give an opportunity to introduce some new lore and perhaps an alternate starting storyline.

Perhaps some much needed variation for the older players who seem to complain often.


The Cons


- OK we can all see the problem with selkath and helmets... some could be modified but otherwise the would just have to go without.

- I think at some point Bioware said they would not make a main character who does not speak basic (anyone can confirm this?) I think that would be a shame because not only would it be immersive to make selkath speak in the selkath tongue, but also potentially cheaper through sound creation than voice acting.


This is just a starting post really, I welcome any discussion for or against :)

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