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Offhand levels 10-15


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Also, to answer your question, Nar Shaddaa offers all the offhands as orange modifiable gear, so save up your planet commendations and when you get to Nar Shaddaa you can buy offhands for all your companions, and then just put mods in them to keep them leveled up as you go higher.


Up until you reach Nar Shaddaa, you can buy off-hands from the GTN, there usually are enough of them available. Coruscant and Dromund Kaas speciality vendors also offer SOME (orange) offhands, though they don't have all of them.


Inquisitor and Consular use willpower-based focus, I believe.

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Well there are different offhands available in the game, they come in 3 (general) types:


Offhand weapon

Offhand shield

Offhand Generator/Focus (for DPS)


Now moddable offhand weapons (scattergun, knife lightsaber etc) tend to be sold at the vendors for planetary comms on the capital world or can be obtained via the first flashpoint (Esseles/Black Talon) if you are lucky.


Moddable offhand shields can also drop from the above flashpoints, but if they don't (for republic characters at least) you either have to purchase one from GTN or wait until you hit level 22 and use the Nar Shadda vendor on the fleet. as for Imperial characters there is a Heroic (2+ I think) on Dromund Kass which offers relevant moddable offhands for your character.


Same goes for moddable Generators/Focus as above.


Finally, if you wanted to wait for moddable offhand you can either keep with the one you got with your A/C of get a blue.green one from either GTN or they can be crafted via artifice(shields/Generators/Focus) or armstech (weapon based offhands).

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