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Best Server for Solo or group ranked?


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Solos are at least popping fairly consistently on Harbinger from Noonish to Midnightish Est, Group pops a lot more at night and several teams queue as far as I know.


Have not had many pops on Jung Ma, seem to get the most at night Est, but have not queued there as often.


Pot5 has Solos from 6ish to 12ish Est usually , grouped from 9 to 12ish Est if it still follows last seasons pattern, 2-3 teams usually queue I think.

And one guild sometimes makes up 3/4 of the solo ranked pub population, so you are likely to get in a match with these supposed "queue syncers".

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no comment on what the best server is, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what the best server is. it's about pops at this point.


TBH at this point of the season every server is probably getting decent rank pops at almost all times in solo at least. I played during lunch on Pot5 the other day and got 4 pops pretty much back to back.


And in my experience Pot5 and Bastion have more robust and better queues throughout the season than all pve servers. Also a majority of the population is solely focused on pvp so you can get things going through gen chat etc. when they are slow as many more are responsive to pvp...pug4's, 8 people to queue solo, healers, tanks, etc.


Transferred 1 of my 55's to Harb last season after believing some initial hype and was not impressed by the pop times and then transferred back to Pot5 after only 2 weeks. I've had a few 55's on Shadow for a long time and it is not good there for pops. Keep in mind I mean purely in relation to the pvp servers and lasting throughout the whole season.


And what some are saying about that pub guild(CC) on Pot5 is kind of true but imo is not that big a deal.


Also don't worry the sever status about light vs. standard vs. heavy populations... As those take into account every planet and every lvl. I would be willing to bet money that even when servers like Harb or Shadow are heavy servers like pot5 and bastion still have more lvl 55 players solely focused on pvp even if it says light. Not too much money though :p


If you want long lasting robust community for ranked pvp Pot5 and/or Bastion are still the way to go... The diff between those two is purely personal preference imo.

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