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Can someone do me a huge favor with some body type screenshots? (GFX driver issue)


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Here's the thing, I just installed a new vider drivers on my computer.



However, I was messing with the character creator a bit, and all of a suddenly, the body types for the characters look WAY different, almost like they've been stretched out a bit.


Nothing else has changed (resolution or hardware wise, it's just the characters all look a tiny bit taller and thinner.






Type 1: Use to looks more thing but athletic

Now they looks like Gumby if you pulled on him vertically lol


Type 2: Looked 'Average', but their faces looked a bit too square

Now... they look PERFECT.


Type 3 Looks like she-hulk crossed with He-man

Now they just look like Tall Amazon warriors.


Type 4: Just a bit taller, but still the same.



Only the guys it's different:


Type 1: They looks more of less the same either way, just a tad taller now



Now: Taller, slightly thinner face, but fine other wise


Type 3: They looked like a comic book super hero with HUGE shoulders.

Now, they actually look a little more proportional, but still big.


Type4: They use to look like the Blob's cousin.

Now, Large belly still, but BROAD shoulders and their faces look more like a large face, without a double-chin.


I'm trying to figure out if it was my PREVIOUS driver setup that was wrong, or if it's my current one.



If someone could be so kind as to post side-by-side comparisons of what the body types look like on THEIR computer, that be awesome.


To make it easier though, make sure it's all of the same character, and not wearing a robe (Imperial Agent would probably be best, since they have a more form fitting out in the character creator than any other classes.

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sounds like you need to adjust your resolution



Nothing else has changed (resolution or hardware wise




Second: I solved the problem, it wasn't MY resolution that was the problem. It was actually the little LCD TV I have hooked up to my computer as well, that I use for watching movies and anime and stuff. :)


When the drivers installed, I guess it that the TV was the primary display or some stupid crap, and set the Ratio to 16:9. My monitor is 16:10, so the edges were being squished in from the sides making everything look like it had been stretched vertically LOL.


Stupid Nvidia. :p

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