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Temporary Quick Travel Point


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Was having this discussion with a friend as we were doing dailies, and how it's kind of annoying to finally get a group for that Heroic in Section X when you're deep in one of the non instanced mission areas, or doing the area mission over by the Fatality, and have to fight your way out/run all the way across the map. It's a similar thing on planets like Hoth, Alderaan, Belsavis, where traveling to help someone or for them to help you can take up a not trivial amount of time. We're former City of Heroes players, and remember how easy it was to get everyone together at a mission through the various methods available (Teleport to mission, Recall Friend), and struck on the idea of something similar for SWTOR.


How would it work? It could be either a legacy unlock (say for purchase at legacy level 50, because what else does legacy level 50 get you other than the Living Legend thing) for credits, or no legacy requirement for Cartel Coins. It could also be an item that you'd have to sacrifice inventory space for. What it would do is create a Temporary Quick Travel Point, the graphic could even be like with the jawa grams, and have the point come out of a dropped in crate. It would only be accessible to people currently grouped with you, and they would get a message asking them if they would like to quick travel to your dropped point like the current group finder message. If they choose to do so it would set their Quick Travel power on cooldown. You would need to give the ability a decent cooldown, say an hour base, but could have it upgradeable through legacy if you go that route.



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