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I don't want to hear about "jugs op" anymore!


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I wonder how the PVP community would react if damage mitigated was a number that showed up on the scoreboard.


I wonder what those who think ED is OP think of the Shadow/Assassin tank buff. Are you people the same people that believe DR in the place of selfhealing was a nerf for PVP?


Yes it was nerf for shadow tank pvp. Yes ED it is a buff for guardian pvp.

A reactive ability suitable for pvp was replaced with 1k DR, when the other tanks have ~10k and now shadow tank ~8k.

On the contrary reactive healing was added to guardians.

Long story sort, +30% DR and 18sec window on Harnessed Shadows was not given as initially intended because it would make Shadow tank OP in PvE. I wonder, h2f does not make Guardians OP in PvE?

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I fail to see how the combat changes made combat any better versus jugs than before. They didn't get more burst or more DPS, the only change is that combat sents don't have to worry about having a wild HoJ proc appearing and critting on their rotation for over 9k.


They are not. The changes do not make combat any stronger, only easier to play.


I did, its just easier this time.


I know when its gonna come by, the only variance would really be to push it back... which doesnt happen if said mara is panicking a little bit.


I can get a feel for it, and once I interrupt it, I know its not gonna come again for around for another 7 GCD's or so. No resets to worry about.


Carnage was too easy to shut down? Well the devs just made it easier, and its a "buff".


It's ok, most everyone I fight will continue mistaking blade rush for precision slash as I open my rotation. Once I eat a stun or knock back because I popped blade rush I know I am landing a burst window.

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