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Staff Opinion on Server Quality


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A while back for New Years, I made a topic asking two things from BW : polished content and better server quality. We are in September 2014, close to that time of year when you are thinking of New Year resolutions again and we have received neither.


Since strongholds have been released, we , the players, have felt a significant change in our gameplay. Before you continue and say , but my game is fine and it is your toaster computer / crap internet, please give me the benefit of the doubt. My machine is more than fine, 840pro ssd arrays and more RAM than most here on the forums have. My connection is 200 with 200 and other MMOs do not have the issues I am having in SWTOR as of late. For example, last night, at around 1 am, my guild was running some normal warzones to get some conquest points. Halfway through Hypergates, 8 people disconnected at the same time. Half of them were kicked to the server loading screen and the other half, including me, were kicked to an infinite loading screen. I know this because we were all on teamspeak.



Whilst the seriousness of the above issue can be ignored with the downtime we have seen on other servers, I would like to point out that TOFN is suffering in more areas than one. Quite a few operations do not run as smooth as before. DP/DF NiM are plagued with lag spikes where we die. Last night I was tanking Brontes NiM at around 20:30 CEST if that helps BW, with 19ms like I usually do then all of a sudden one healer, one damage dealer disconnect, and I get a red cross for 30 seconds then get back to my usually 19ms.



I could continue with examples but I will summarize the consensus in my guild : game is unplayable for some, people get kicked out, they get disconnected randomly, and some have even said they won't participate in content anymore as they cannot play the game as before. Without further ado :







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Yeah I'm sure the staff is going to come out and say "Oh our servers are doing terrible." Yes like nothing could go wrong with that statement.


or the corollary to that...


"our servers are fine"..which nobody believes and everyone accuses them of an outright lie.


nothing good will come of it short of a "we understand your concerns and are doing everything we can to ensure stability and performance" which people will just blow off and ignore.


Title would best as : "BW tell me what I want to hear or we will all be mad"

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