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Cross guild alliances, why dont we have them?


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I've read lots of people say things like "sister guild" or even "alliance guild" in chat and even some places on the forums. But we dont have anyway to check whos on in that guild other than to try to do the /who and stumble through everything thats remotely close to a match. Other than to add them to a limited friends list. If a guild has 150 people, and another has 70 and another has 30 but all are in an alliance, good luck fitting all those names into your friends tab.


Why cant we have guilds forge an alliance? Then name that alliance? Just makes it easier for the smaller guilds to take part with the larger guilds. They can ask in alliance chat if anybody wants to run with them before they pug in the inevitable jerk who doesnt like their play style or ninja from fleet. You can have an alliance tab to see who is on in what guild in your alliance.


I think it would be helpful to those small guilds. Too many small guilds lose members to the larger guilds because they dont have enough people that want to PvP or raid or whatever. This will allow the smaller guilds to stay together and for those members to still run with alliance members.


Our guild created its own chat tab for our "sister guilds", but I would still rather see actual alliances in game. Have an alliance chat tab.



I have my own small 2 person guild that is just my GF and I. Then almost 2 years ago we made some friends that were in a larger guild. We wanted to join them, but were already at 5 tabs in our guild bank. We didnt want all those credits to go to waste, so we only put in our main characters into that other guild. It would be really nice if I could have left them in my guild for my own bank access where I have lots of stuff, but still be part of the other guild. An alliance would have done that for me.


Not only that, but it would help those larger guilds allowing them to keep alts in their guilds. Our guild has to do a weekly cleaning of inactive characters because of the guild size limit. We got to a point that we made a "baby" guild just for us to level alts in. An alliance would alleviate a lot of that because so many smaller guilds would stop shutting down and folding so many members into the already too big to keep alts in guilds.

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