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Huttball Ranked PVP pitch!


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Premise: Guilds are treated like teams. Guilds share a score. Two competitions, Server Wide and World Wide. Rankings based on frequency of scores, points are given for kills, amount of scores, etc. A bonus is given for a hard fought match that is won (Frequent changes of ball owner based on faction, etc). At the end of the season, 1 guild from each server is allowed to server transfer to a private PTS like server where for a week these guilds battle for the World Cup, one Cup for Euros, one for America. Winners get their own huttball gear (predesigned huttball armor custom skinned with the guild's name) as well as a special title.


The final week would be elimination style. Those guilds who lose more than 5 matches are eliminated from the que. Last guild standing wins.


Just a random thought ^.^

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I love the idea, however,there are problems to overcome.


Basically, it's the same thing we've seen since the guild conquest patch. guilds merged becoming giant guilds, disband, reform under one of the merged guilds names, for a new guild conquest. Some have stayed together. thus, what's to stop a guild or player from merging near the end of the season to get the best pvpers/huttball players from other competing guilds to try and stack their teams. hell, if I was in a guild that was winning, but I knew there were better players, I'd recruit, if for no other reason than to have some really good pvpers on the bench just in case.


2ndary issue. If it's a worldwide or at least a US/Euro thing, what about aussies who now play on a US server. Not everyone plays at the same time. Asking aussies to be in competition with US players where there is like a 10 hour or so time difference is bad form.


IMO, before something like this can happen, and I do so want something like huttball leagues to happen, we need invite only matches. Where we can really pit good teams against good teams. That way you really ahve a much better chance of working on group composition, strategies, ball movement, etc...


But definitely a great initial idea.

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Yes please...that would awesome... Plus, then you could add some more Hutt Ball maps


But that requires you bringing back 8v8 ranked... We all want it... I don't see the big deal in implementing 8v8 again...

If you're worried about the ranked tables... Then add a separate one for 8v8... Other MMOs do this???


It's a no brainier


GrandLordMenace... Can I suggest you repost I the Forum suggestion area too




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