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Quick Fixes to Known Issues aka Help I'm stuck!


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Hi there folks! I noticed a lot of you are asking similar questions in general chat and I seem to be answering the same question over and over again. I'm hoping this quick and easy guide will aid you in the galaxy at large.


This list is compromised of actual issues either seen by myself or been asked in General chat.


1- My character can't move/I am stuck in geometry (things in the world)- First lets go over the basics of don't get mad, don't panic, realize that no matter what the problem will be resolved. Now calmly type /stuck in the chat panel. Good human. Nice human. Sometimes its as simple as that. If that doesn't work, you'll notice it has a cool down on it, try logging in and logging out (just to character select screen will be fine). These two fixes are at no cost to you but will almost always fix the problem. If you log back in and jumping/moving around still aren't available to you try /stuck one more time (because the cool down should be done) and if all else fails you still have the Emergency Fleet Pass or quick travel. These options are less preferred because they take you out of the world and into... wherever.

2- My character is falling through the world and I'm panicking and I spilled the kool aid! - You broke the first rule of this, don't panic, as for the kool aid I cannot assist you, but keep screaming OH NO until he blows through your wall. As for falling through the world the solution is /stuck. Its pretty awesome.

3- My character is stuck between zones and /stuck isn't helping- By zones I mean those big green/blue walls you can go between areas in. Logging out and logging back in will solve this problem. The reason I have labeled this seperately is because technically the area/zone walls aren't really there and can confuse a lot of people.

4- AAAAA My map doesn't show anything but the walls (as in no elevators, no vendors, no trainers, etc)!!!!!one1!- You'll notice there's a little zoom out map in the bottom right of the map of the current area. Click it. Now click back. Problem should be fixed now. If not try logging out and in again. Always a good back up.

5- My map is black like the darkness that consumes me (nothing appearing in map area)- Calm down there, the map not showing up is no reason to freak out. The solution to this one is patience. It will show up but it may have #4s problem which I have handily given to you for your solving pleasures.

6- My character cannot use usable items- Well /stuck won't help you here but logging in and out will. Remember when I say this I mean to character select and back, I would hate to throw you guys under the queue bus.

7- My companions are stuck/Why can't they follow me?!?- Imagine your character has a leash around your companion, and as you run around those sharp corners with sprint on the leash is bound to get tangled. This is the easiest way of looking at this, back track to your companion and try a similar but slightly different route. Who knows, maybe they can't step on that specific bug.

8- My warzone won't let me out of the starting area after I die!!! - This is not a bug, if you played World of Warcraft this is the equivalent to being a ghost for a bit. It's to make sure you don't just constantly run in and die, to allow time to strategize and realize what's going on. If you aren't paying attention however and decide to go afk your character will be kicked from the warzone for your lack of patience.


I am more than willing to research any other problems you guys have had, just let me know how you got there and where you were. I will try to post all solutions you guys give me here too. Thanks!

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