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Devs: GSF and Conquest: Can we get similar objectives as warzones to reward effort?


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In pretty much every Conquest Event, Warzones now have at least three objectives:


Unranked Warzones: The Front Lines (complete any unranked match for 250) - repeatable

Warzones: Total Domination (win ranked or unranked match for 500) - repeatable

Warzones: Critical Missions (complete a PvP weekly) - repeatable


This provides steady conquest points for Warzone participation, with accelerated conquest points for winning.


Can we duplicate this pattern for Starfighter? Refactor our current objectives to be like this:


Conquer the Skies (complete a match for 250) - repeatable

Dominate the Stars (win a match for 500) - repeatable

Critical Missions (complete the GSF weekly) - repeatable


This would further reward winning in GSF (and hopefully discourage conquest-farmers from self-destructing to end a match as quickly as possible).


Note that for this to work, all three of those objectives need to be available in every event, just like three base warzone objectives are.


Alternatively, as has been suggested before, we could leave Conquer the Skies and Dominate the Stars as they are, but make Medal of Bravery available in every Conquest Event. This would also encourage participation and play (even in a match you know you are doomed to lose). In fact this might be the preferable solution, just to give losing teams a reason to keep on fighting.


Thank you

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Just tonight I was in a 12v12 Deathmatch where 4 on our team immediately and repeatedly self-destructed, just to end the match as quickly as possible so they could farm conquest points.


I fricking warned about this in the 2.9 PTS. I warned this would happen in both Warzones and GSF. BioWare made the fix for warzones, why not GSF?

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