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Jawa and Wookie as new playable race and new personal player spaceships


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Headline says it all... Bring it... :))) Its time for some new playable races and also time to upgrade our personal ships.. maybe make the outside customizable like strongholds... :))


Jawas are a awesome race and to play as one would bring new glow to the game, same goes for wookies or even Ewoks :))

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A playable species has to fit the parameters established in this game regarding height and body type, language spoken and romance options. Those species do not.

Jawas clearly have the physical ability to speak Basic because the words of whatever language they speak are possible nonsense Basic (English) words, e,g, the ubiquitous "utini."


Doesn't solve the other problems, though.


Wookies don't even have that going for them, it seems.

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Jawas and wookiees are not "standard size" nor do the speak basic, two -very- important things in the game for -multiple reasons-.


Let's see, we will start with the already coded cut scenes. As a jawa you will be too short to even be seen in most with the camera angles, let alone if there is a desk or any object in front of you, you might see the top if your hood peeking over it.


As a wookiee, your extremely tall, and a majority of the cutscenes would end up with your head cut off.


If you honestly think they would go back and redo every single cut scene in the game to change the camera angles I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn id like to sell you.


Then let's go into the gear aspect. Again, do you honestly think they will go back and make it so every piece of armor in the game is altered correctly to show up on either race. Because if you are posting here, you know how things operate, and the *****storm over "not enough variety for my jawa/wookiee" rants/tantrums would make most want to shoot themselves in the face.


They have said, over and over and over and I'll say it again since that brick wall people keep slamming their heads against hasn't broken yet apparently, over again, that any player race needs to speak basic. We've all heard Blizz and the other jawas squeak and jibber in their high pitched voices, so you can't even say "just use the existing ones" because sorry but the Male bounty hunter voice is very deep/gravelly... I won't even go into wookiee gargle yodeling.


As for the player ships again smashing more heads into brick walls, man they must stink terrible from all the gore caked on them. The devs stated that the coding on the ships is such a nightmare they don't want to touch it, one of the reasons we got strongholds instead of customizeable ships. If the can't get unify colors to work right on the ships, imagine what else would break if they tried to change them in any way.

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