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Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series

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I first came upon the Nar Shaddaa Republic bonus series with my first toon, a Smuggler. Part of the Smuggler story required returning to Nar Shaddaa for the "Frozen Demon" mission. Done after Tatooine, around the character level range of 31 to 33. I happened to see the mission giver at the Nar Shaddaa spaceport when I went back for "Frozen Demon."


Like the Alderaan Republic bonus series, something I stumbled upon. I found it while wandering around Alderaan on that same Smuggler toon, and wondering why there was an area with level 40 (IIRC) missions and mobs on Alderaan. There was one level 40 or so Daily (not a Heroic, a regular mission that reset every day) in another area on Alderaan. There was also a Heroic in that same place, a Heroic that isn't listed on Alderaan achievements. I think that area is now where the Guild Conquest Commander on Alderaan is located. I don't know if the Daily or the Heroic are still there.


That Smuggler was my first toon on my first MMO. I didn't know to check anything other than my Log for missions.

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