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Remove automatic use of "/stuck"


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Just as the title says, I want the game to stop using /stuck automatically when it thinks I'm stuck, for several reasons.


1. I know better than the game when I'm actually stuck. Why would I want to use a command that can only be used every 2 minutes and might kill me or teleport me to some random location when I could jump to the nearest enemy or ally? (Makeb Endurance Datacron, every time)


2. It serves no purpose. If I was stuck and didn't know what to do, I'd ask in chat. People would then tell me the command and I'd be able to do the same thing, the difference being that it was my choice and not the game's.


3. It doesn't even work properly. Most of the times it automatically triggers I am not actually stuck at all. Then there are times where I am stuck and I have to enter the command because the game won't do it on its own. And then there are times where I get stuck and can't use the command because the game used it seconds before without asking me.


So please, stop the game from automatically using the /stuck command, or at least gimme the option to turn it off at will.

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