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APAC players - Not just another guild recruitment post!!!


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Sorry I liEd :D This is totally a Guild recruitment Post.


Ask yourself a few questions before hItting the back button on your browser...


Are you baseD in thE APAC region?

  • Do you like raiding?
  • Can you cop a joke and dish out as good as you get?
  • Do you like playing SWTOR with Mates?
  • Do you want to master your class?
  • Do you want to progress on new content and achIeve server firsts?
  • Are you an evil force to be reckoned with and loyal to the Emperor?


If you answered yes to the above, then we CaN bE thE guild for you.

We have full Reputaion and Experience boost, TeamSpeak (and backup Mumble and Vent) Guild Facebook page, many of us have 78 geareD altS for Pugs or Raid group Fill-Ins (IMP and PUB side) and can prettY much craft most RE-able end game gear. We are a great bunch to raid with and all humour aside (outside of raids mOstly) we knuckle down and get the job done.


We are very active with planetary conquests and as a result of a massive recruitment drive we now have enough players to setup a 6th and possible 7th Full time EndGame raid team. We are mainly after Raid leaders who will take ownership of a team but we welcome players of any kind that will contribute to conquest and HM\NiM raid content from any timezone.


We also welcome complete teams (don't worry, your team will remain intact and the current team leader will retain control) individUals and alts.


I left a not really subtle clue to the guild name in the post, so hit me up on my main toon below



Current Raid spots open

One of our Teams currently need a Geared\Experienced DPS for NiM end-game content

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