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Tomb of Sorrows GM reaching out to Pubside GM's!


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Hello my name is Jessie I’m the GM of Tomb of Sorrows an Imperial top PvE HM / NiM content guild. I wanted to reach out to some of the pubside PvE guilds on Begeren Colony who may be into the possibity of a sister guild or merger. I’ve noticed on this server that most of the higher endgame content comes from the pubside. Basically what I’m looking for are raiders who have cleared the current HM content and looking to branch into NiM content or currently in NiM progression with their imperial/ pubside toons. As of right now my main team which I am the leader of has cleared 5/5 HM DF, 5/5 HM DP, 4/5 NiM DF, and 1/5 NiM DP. We currently run 2 days a week Friday & Saturday 7pm PST- 10pm PST. Feel free to check out our enjin website TombofSorrows.enjin.com and if your interested in the possiblity of a joint sister guild direct message me Click Here for my profile ( <-- link to my enjin profile )


Currently in our main progression team we are looking for a NiM healer preferably an operative. We are holding try outs for a replacement during the week where we will run full clears of DF & DP HM and will observe you and how well you follow directions given to you. Other roles are welcome for healers but not preferred as our main healer (myself) is a sorc healer. If interested please sign up on the Tomb of Sorrows website and message me for a trial period. I’m only looking for those who have cleared the current HMs and will be checking your achievements for confirmation. We are not looking to teach HM mechanics as we are looking for raiders ready to enter NiM level content.


However if your interested Tomb of Sorrows has other teams that run HM progression in the guild and if your looking to start learning message one of my officers in the guild. These teams have also ventured into 16 man HM raiding and are always looking for new members.


Twinch- Team Stuck IT raider leader 4/5 DF HM 2/5 DP HM


Dak’hah- RB4G ( Raids Before Grades) 3/5 DF 0/5 DP HM

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