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Personalized Starship (Galactic Strongholds Edition)


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After some considerable research as to the nature of Galactic Strongholds, I've been hit with one glaring issue: the Starship has remained untouched throughout. This baffled me, as the Starship was the one thing you got familiar with throughout your adventures. As such, I feel there needs to be some personalization added to the Starship for Galactic Strongholds. Here is some things I think would help with this:

  • Clearing Clutter: As you may have guessed, there are many places on your ship that can be cleared out to make room for decorations. Make it so the player can spend some credits clearing it out.
  • Interactive Furniture: I was surprised that you couldn't sit on the couches in the Situation room (or, anywhere, for that matter). This could fit in with Galactic Stronghold Decorations.
  • Custom Interior/Exterior Colors: I should be able to customize the colors of my Starship, and I'm surprised it hasn't been added in Galactic Starfighter. I really don't need to explain this, just allow me to do it.


Ah, second thread in one day. I'm happy now. Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions for this idea, feel free to drop them here. Happy Flying! :tran_angel:

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Not going to happen, see plenty of prior threads. Dues to the nature of the cutscenes etc, the ships need to remain as they are.


This. The devs have stated multiple times that the code on the ships is such a tangled mess from the way the prior dev team coded everything. They don't want to mess with it anymore then they have to.


I am perfectly fine with the ships as they are, and id rather not have class quests and the like broken just so someone can have a different floor panel or readout screen on the wall.


They can't even get unify colors to work right on the ships. Trying to change the interior would probably make the game crash harder then a five year old after the sugar rush wears off.

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