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Strongholds "exit" issue


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I am not sure, if it's me who cannot see that option existing, or it was not introduced, but actually when you put your characters on Nar Shaddaa or Tatooine stonghold, there is no option to "get out of it" into their planet.


In other words, being on Tatooine I cannot "exit" from stronghold to Tatooine.

I can do that on Coruscant or DK, but not on NS and Tat.


Actually the only option is to use the "emergency fleet travel" - which is fine for me, cos it's cooldown is 6 secs, but I imagine there are (will be) all those F2P and Pref players who do not have that feature.


Apart from that, IF, for any reason I wish to step into Tatooine form ny Strongold, I need to do it via the Fleet.

Why would I do that?

Is it intentional (what reason??) or just devs forgot about such feature?

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First off, there's an 'exit area' button near your minimap, which will give you all kinds of options (exit to the planet, exit to your last place, exit to starship, or exit to fleet).


Also, while I haven't done much with my NS stronghold, the Tatooine one does have an exit button. It's near the starship hook, at the rear of the complex.

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Not sure if it is level locked for those planets or you have to have at least visited, but I know I took a level 1 to the stronghold on DK and they cannot exit to DK or fleet.


Otherwise - when I use the Exit Area button, the first item on the list is Exit to Tatooine or Nar Shaada.


The thing that is starting to annoy me and I'm wondering if it is a bug, is zoning into an instance (group finder) from my stronghold, and upon using Exit Area in the instance and selecting previous location, being ported to the arrivals area on fleet or sometimes even a random planet space port / station (even though loading screen shows the correct planet / stronghold).


This has also happened to characters I've logged out while in a stronghold, only to find them stuck in the fleet arrivals area upon log in.

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