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Theorycrafting : Meta-suggestion : The "Matthew Effect"


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I had been coming up with these really weird ideas the community frowns upon before, like the "Golem Effect" in PvP, for example.


Now, another effect is taking place in SWTOR as well, as seen in the first complaints about the Conquest Mode :


The "Matthew Effect" is taking place.


You can read about it on Wikipedia ( the devs should, imho, as much as browsing through the "TV Tropes" database, imho), and it basically says this :


"Those who have will be given even more".


When I began studying Geology at the University in the early 90s, one Professor for Cristallography shocked us with his opinion that what we see in crystal growth also happens in the business and economy world :


If you have several crystals in one medium in which they can grow, and one of them is only slightly bigger than the others,

then the bigger one will grow and grow, and at the same time the other crystals will become smaller and smaller and in the end be fully dissolved.


This is basically the "Matthew Effect" in an scientific environment.


Now, 20 years later, I'm sure he was absolutely right. Just look at how much big companies grow, for example.


Regarding SWTOR's Conquest Mode, the big guilds just become even bigger and thus even more successful, because of their rewards, for example.


Meanwhile other guilds become more and more non-competitive, because they get no rewards - or are even locked out from them by the bigger guilds.


I believe indeed that you need to adress this issue, because otherwise in the future Conquest Mode will be a game between 3-4 guilds or so. Effectively an Oligarchy.


"Indie Guilds" (to use the term from music and from game development) don't have any good place to be much competitive.

They'sd need a niche to survive - like all Independents do in RL - but regarding Conquest Mode, this currently isn't available.


As I must admit, I don't really have an idea on how to solve the Matthew Effect regarding Conquest Mode.

My only ideas i have right now are these :


- One big guild cannot be everywhere at the same time. Although ... Its members can.

- So maybe it would work if one guild has to be locked out from other Conquests when it has accepted 1 specific Conquest ?

- What about its members not receibving any points if they work / help for other Conquests ? One guild could easily call members of a partner guild for help.

- What about giving planetary sectors free for Conquest ? These planet sectors could be limited to guild with certain sizes, for example, like the Black Sun sector on Coruscant only for guilds with less than 20 members, for example, and the Justiciar sector being open for Conquest for guilds with 20-40 mewmbers, for example, and so on.


Well, to sum it up, the Matthew Effect is currently fully implemented in SWTOR. That's imho unfortunate, because it takes away fun / competition of so much smaller guilds.



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