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Insignificant Rebellion


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Insignificant Rebellion is a new guild in the building phase. It is difficult this far into the game to start a new guild but that is what we are trying to do. We are looking to build a medium sized guild (20-30 active players). We will not be conquest obsessed or focused on only one aspect of the game. Our goal, to build a tight-knit, friendly community capable of tackling any content available. The founding members are all veterans of the game and have been here since open beta. We have the experience to take on any challenge but we cannot do it alone.


So, if you are new to the game, a veteran like us, or just a casual player who is feeling lost in your large community guild. Come join us in our endeavor to build a great team.


Apply at http://irebellion.enjin.com/home or contact Casdon, Daxxu or Dräxus in game for an invite.

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