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Guild Member List Conquest Point doesn't Match Tracker until Re-log


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After the most recent conquest event began (on 2 September), I began to notice that my Guild Member List Conquest Point total did not update to match that in my mission tracker. I would log in, receive a bunch of rewards from crafting, and then check my Tracker (which would show the 'correct' total). Then I would check my Guild Member List total, and find that my Member List total showed what I had *before* logging in.


I have found that by re-logging *again* I can clear the discrepancy, but this is tedious to do (log in, collect reward, log out, log in, verify reward).


This didn't appear to be the behavior before the most recent update (the Member List updated instantaneously or near to it).


Is this behavior intended? Is there a workaround for it?


I ask because I rely on the Member List totals for tracking my guild member's progress in the conquests. Because of the completely unpredictable nature of the update (ie, it's dependent on player action) I can't rely on the Member List anymore for accurate point totals which ... sucks, to point it plainly.

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