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[Rep] <Fearless Arms> Recruiting for HM groups, SM content, conquests


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We need more to help towards planetary conquests for the rewards. Anyone looking for just a social guild is welcome too. We have something going on SM/HM/NiM just about daily. So we can always use people that are looking to sub into groups, but cannot commit to anything regular.


Message obim in game to arrange a guild invite. Or search for "Fearless Arms" and whisper a couple people to talk to an officer online.


Current multiple HM spots in Sunday night 9:30 PST group and I believe we have a couple spots coming up in our Tue-Thu 6pm PST group. Message obim in game for details/questions, please include what roles you can fill and availability.


We have a guild ship, healthy guild bank, website, mumble, repair frunds if you are part of a weekly group, XP bonus.

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