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<Tranquility> Looking for New Members


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<Tranquility> is a pre-launch guild that originated on Keller's Void (RIP) and is looking to expand. We are proud to be one of the few truly LGBT Friendly (Please note that does not mean exclusive, we have many straight members as well) guilds in Swtor and hold all our members accountable to being respectful and to not causing strife or trolling the SW community/server as a whole. We work hard to provide a comfortable, discrimination free atmosphere where people can feel comfortable being themselves and enjoy playing the game.


We are very social, and have spots open for anyone that's interested in working on Conquest, doing some PVP, running FPs/Ops, Starfighter, and more. All character levels, player experience, and all player activity levels are accepted. We have a TS3 server that usually has people on to chat with, even if they are just running around our guild ship waiting for a queue to pop.


If you wish to join, please feel free to visit our guild website at: tranquilitytor.swtornow.com


If you would like some more specific information about the guild or have any questions feel free to message/mail myself (Charlz, GM) or any of the officers (Aridian, Blockhead, Gobien, Randyfett, Zicidantus) in-game and we will be happy to answer them!

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