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[REP] Scoundrel Sawbones looking for guild


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I've recently returned to the game after a long hiatus and decided to roll a rep character for a breath of fresh air. So far it's been a blast, but I'm level 26 by now and I figure it's time to find myself a guild to take advantage of all the new stuff that came out with the strongholds expansion.


I'm usually online ranging from early morning to early afternoon and then from midnight throughout the night so a guild with an active late night crew would be great considering what a pain it is to find groups for H4's, FPs and PvP at those hours :p


Currently my main focus is PvE, though I tend to play at least a couple PvP matches daily and run at least one FP, would be nice to have some folks to show me around the ropes since I'm more used to tanking than healing.


Soo... Interested in an active member? Post below! Or contact Pharsti ingame!

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hey bud,


this is lucîus from EVO. we are always interested on active members and we would like to welcome to our ranks. you can check our recruitment message in same forum for more info if you want.


i'm usually online afternoon or late at night but if you whisp any1 from EVO they can inv you aswell.


webpage: http://swtorevo.enjin.com/home

recruitment msg: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=762412





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